25th Anniversary – Silver Jubilee

We are celebrating our 25th anniversary in business. It’s our silver jubilee.

At Efendi Dry Cleaners we have a combination of over 45 years experience in caring for delicate garments. From my parents humble beginnings in North London to the high rise banking area of Canary Wharf we have grown into a well-known company. 

Our main focus is with luxury brands and wedding gowns. From high end silk, feathered and beaded luxury items, we clean what most of our competitors refuse.

Over the years we have cleaned vintage bridal gowns and modern duchess satin wedding dresses. We always show the due diligent care to all of the gowns no matter what their value is,because ultimately the value of them all is their sentimental value, which is priceless. 

Every bride is treated personally and we have a history sheet on every single wedding gown we’ve ever cleaned.

Brides share their special day with us by showing us their wedding pictures. When the father of the bride and mother of the bride visit us to drop off their daughters wedding dresses some shed a tear and speak to us about their special day. We become a very small part of a very momentous day. We become a part of that heirloom. 

One such moment was when Jess Wright allowed us to care for not only one but all three of her wedding gowns. This was one of the weddings of the year 2021. After a traumatic 2019/20  it was refreshing to see the wedding season kick-off. Jess created a magical wedding fit for a princess. So many brides related to her story. 

We have had many enquiries from brides wanting to know where the dresses were bought from. She has inspired a nation of girls that want to create a magical wedding of their own. 

Browns Brides in London provided an impeccable service for Jess. I’d like to hope that all brides receive this kind of service for their special day. They truly deserve it.

One of Jess’s gowns was the breathtaking Milla Nova.  With layers and layers of soft tulle, it’s truly magnificent. Jess’s second gown was a Vivienne Westward and true to her VW style it has the corset which cinched in at the waist and finished with a beautiful bow.  The third dress was from Pallas Couture. It has a beaded corset with a high split and a train that is sumptuously layered with feathers and soft tulle. Jess requested beautifully handwritten calligraphy to be placed in the lid of the largest box which is custom-made for her. Our boxes are acid-free and provide the perfect environment for long-term storage. We layer the wedding gowns with crisp acid-free tissue which not only prevent creasing but also preserves the essence of the fabric and absorbs moisture reducing the chance of discolouration.

We have been providing an heirloom service for 25 years. 

In fact, this December will be our 25th anniversary. We have stood the test of time with ups and downs. The banking crises, Brexit and now covid. It’s been hard. If we didn’t have a passion for customer service we wouldn’t still be here. 

We hope to be here for many more years to come. 

We are a family business and our customers are our extended family. We know their grandparents and we know their grandchildren. 25 years is a long time. We’ve lost clients that were closer to us than family and that’s been hard too. 

We have recently been chosen to care for a gown that has so much sentimental value but we are not allowed to mention who, however, we can say they are linked to the Royal family. We are truly over the moon. This is what we have through good times and bad. Our reputation. 

Congratulations to Efendi (Hornchurch) drycleaners on our 25th anniversary !