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Cleaning by Efendi

Since launching our Sheepskin boots cleaning and Leather bag restoration service in 2009 it has gone from strength to strength. It is now one of the most popular services we offer. This is mainly due to the great results we are able to achieve. Our techniques are exclusive to Efendi and are not offered by anyone else. We do not use anyone outside of Efendi. Because of our vast experience we know that no-one can offer better customer care than Efendi.

Every order is assessed individually. We contact our customer personally to explain the procedure, techniques and possible outcomes of each case. Every bag is different and every sheepskin boot comes to us in various conditions.

We believe our customers deserve personal attention.


Sheepskin boots

We clean all kinds of Shearling boots. They are cleaned thoroughly inside and out. If you could see the build up of unseen dirt as well as visible you would agree that you should have them cleaned at least once a year for hygiene reasons.

We endeavor to remove stains and make your boots as good as new. This is not always possible and depends on the state of the boots when they come in. We always call customers and talk through procedures and events. We never promise miracles but we do promise to try our hardest to bring your favourite boots back to life.

Hand Bags

The handbag cleaning service is undertaken by The Handbag Spa. Our research shows that they are the best in the industry.

Hand Bags come in huge amount of colours and no bag is ever the same. There approach to bags are not like any other company. We believe our customers deserve the best service possible. People can grow very attached to their handbag and sometimes wait a very long time to own their favourite dream bag. Once purchased the feeling of carrying that new gorgeous bag and the smell of that exclusive leather is completely addictive. Handbags have become as symbolic in our wardrobes as shoes. However handbags can cost up to 3 or 4 times more. The most common scenario we face are dyes from jeans, worn out edges, spillages or accidents with pens and obviously general dullness due to excessive wear and tear.

At The Handbag Spa they are well aware that particular bags have got certain finishes that give them their unique characteristics. This is what draws us to these bags in the first place. You can spot a Mulberry bag from a mile. The same applies for all the top selling bags. No matter what size or shape, the leather used and the finish obtained are unique to each design house.

What they do is merely help maintain these bags. I wouldn’t like to say they make them like new because what makes these bags so special is that they age gracefully and if well looked after gain a vintage feel that helps maintain there value in years to come.

There are situations when bags have worn to the extent that they require a total re-colour. They will always talk you through this requirement and give you the best advice.