Why Dry Cleaning your Wedding Dress is Essential

Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Service

If we had to pick one dress that we could hold on to for the rest of our lives, most of us would choose our wedding dress. The time, effort, and thought that goes into the designing of the dress surely justifies this choice. However, after we have finally worn the dress on our big […]

Green Dry Cleaning

What is Wet Cleaning Wet cleaning is a professional, modern, environmentally friendly alternative to dry cleaning that can care for delicate fabrics that a dry cleaning machine can’t; enabling your favourite items to look fresh and last longer. Since being developed in 1981 by german companies; Miele and Kreussler, Wet Cleaning has established itself as […]

Efendi advocates CleanCare

CleanCare is the way forward HOW CLEVER Taking care of your clothes can also reduce their environmental impact. More than 30 percent of a garment’s climate footprint—from fiber production and apparel assembly to transport and sales—occurs after it leaves the store, according to H&M. “We knew that by lowering the temperature from 60 degrees Celsius […]

Moths Free

Five Steps For A Moth Free Wardrobe 1) CLEANING OUT MOTHS Clothes moths like to breed in dark, dusty, undisturbed corners. Therefore the first step in eliminating a moth infestation is to remove everything from your wardrobe and drawers. Wash what can be washed and dry-clean everything else (including bedding, drapes and curtains). Vacuum your […]

Burberry Macs

In the winter months we also get our fair share of rain. We have had the pleasure of cleaning Burberry coats that have been around 40 years old. A well maintained Burberry Mac will last you for many years. Burberry did used to offer the scotch-guard protections but this has stopped many years ago. The […]