Do you have clothing items that need special care, or do you just need extra time and someone else to handle cleaning your clothes for you? If so, our services in dry-cleaning in Romford are just what you’re looking for. Here’s how we can help you.

Online dry cleaning in Romford

There’s no doubt that there’s some clothes in your wardrobe that you love wearing, but hate figuring out how to clean. Because of this, they sit in your wardrobe and never get to be appreciated.

Does that sound familiar to you? Then you should take advantage of our services as dry cleaners in Romford. We can take those clothes and clean them safely and carefully, so you can wear them again and again. Why let clothes sit unloved when you can have us take care of them?

Our Services

There’s lots we can do at Efendi as your go to dry cleaners in Romford. Here’s a few services we offer to help take care of all your favourite clothes:

Dry cleaning: We pride ourselves on our dry cleaning skills, to clean your clothes professionally and carefully. Even on the most temperamental fabrics, we can get out most stains that haven’t been tampered with. We’ll also hand dress your garments from the inside, to maintain the look and feel of the fabric from the outside. We’re the best service for dry cleaning in Romford, so you know your clothes are in safe hands.

Laundry service: As well as dry cleaning, we can offer regular laundry services too. This is perfect for anyone who just hasn’t got the time to be handling their own laundry, especially if there’s a lot of it. We sort laundry according to colour and fabric, wash it in sterile machines, and then steam and hang all your garments for you. You get excellent service and lots of saved time all in one go.

Shirt service: If you wear shirts regularly you know that they take more care than most. If you want to get the most out of your shirts, then you can choose our shirt service to help you. We treat the collars and cuffs before washing the shirt, and then use an American shirt pressing machine to give it a crisp look. We’ll handle small repairs too, such as missing buttons.

Wedding dress cleaning: After your big day, you’ll want to clean your wedding dress before storing it. This keeps it in the best possible condition. We can either dry clean or wet wash the dress depending on the fabric used, and our machinery has special programming to handle delicate items like these. Afterwards, any missing trim or beads are re-sewn on, and we’ll repair any tears. To finish, the dress is steam pressed and then layered in a storage box with acid-free tissue, to keep it in the best possible shape. We can also handle your veil and shoes too.

Leathers, suedes and furs: These are all fabrics that need special care and attention, but our dry-cleaning in Romford is more than up to the challenge. We have real experts who can treat these fabrics correctly, and bring out their real beauty. We can also offer a stain guard service to protect them from future staining.

Curtains and upholstery: It’s not just clothing that needs care when it comes to cleaning. Your curtains and upholstery also need some love. We have all the tools and expertise needed to clean your soft furnishings. We take great care with them, steam pressing them to get them looking brand new, and even adding pencil pleats if needed. With our regular care, we can ensure your upholstery will last for longer.

Alteration and repairs: As well as dry-cleaning in Romford, we can offer you alteration and repairs too. Whether you need a tear mended or your jeans shortened, we can handle it for you.

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