Dry cleaning in Upminster with Efendi Dry Cleaners

When you’re looking for dry cleaning in Upminster, you want something that’s fast, reliable, and can get your cleaning done according only to the highest standards. That’s why we created Efendi Dry Cleaners.

We are a dry cleaners in Upminster service that handles all of your cleaning needs, so that you can enjoy the life you’ve always dreamed of having, with the utmost levels of style.


Who we are:

Efendi Dry Cleaners is among the oldest dry cleaning in Upminster services on the market today, having first opened its doors all the way back in 1996. What that means is that we have been looking over your clothes for the past twenty-five years. This way, it has never mattered how busy or on the go you were, you could always count on a fresh pair of jeans, and a beautiful outfit to accompany all of the most important occasions in your life.

What do we offer?

Many people assume that you only go to a dry cleaning in Upminster service when you’re running low on time, and simply don’t have the availability to properly clean your clothes. But that’s not true, and as dry cleaners in Upminster, and the surrounding area, we can safely tell you it’s about so much more than that.

Yes, dry cleaners services are here to take care of clothes when the owners have too much on their plate, and looking after their garments isn’t a top priority. Because why should you have a dirty shirt, simply because you’ve got a lot of things going on at the moment?

But Efendi Dry Cleaners, as one of the oldest dry cleaning services in the Upminster area, also offers so much more to its clients. With us, you’re getting:

  • Gentle Garment Restoration – it’s natural that through the wear and tear of time, exposure to various harsh cleaning chemicals, or other staining, your once beautiful clothes have become faded and lackluster. Well, we can help with that. Our dry cleaners in Upminster service handle expert fabric restoration, gently combatting the effects of time and chemicals on your clothes, and making them look fresh off the rack once more.
  • Expert Stain Removal – we know you think that your at-home washing machine does that already, but trust us, it doesn’t. Not on the same level. Our dry cleaning in Upminster service provides an expert level cleansing and stain removal process that is second to none, and vastly superior to the cleaning your washing machine can achieve. Not only that, we do this without causing any further damage to your fabric, and so prolonging the life of your favorite clothes.
  • Wedding Dresses – we also specialize in the cleaning and restoration of wedding dresses, and other such delicate garments, too important to be trusted over to the washing machine.
  • We handle leather and suede – likewise, we’re aptly trained in cleaning the stains and restoring your leather and suede garments.

In need of a proper dry-cleaning in Upminster service? Then give Efendi Dry Cleaners a call today!