Dry Cleaning

Professional Dry Cleaning in
East London and Essex by Efendi

The key to successful clothes care starts at home. All garments, especially natural fabrics, like silks and linen should be cleaned soon after wear and stored with acid free tissue to avoid colour-loss and general damage due to poor storage. We pride ourselves on our ability to remove most stains that have not been tampered with.

To prolong the life of a garment it is important that the pressing is of a non-abrasive form. Our experienced pressers will hand finish your garments from the inner side thus preventing the outside fabric from shinning and unnecessary wear.

We finish the process by packing all garments in acid free tissue to preserve the end product thus keeping your clothes fresh and crisp. We have the knowledge and ability to clean garments that other cleaners refuse. Fine Missoni knitwear, Equipment’s silk blouses, Stella McCartney’s tailoring are all designer labels that require specialist cleaning due to their colour sensitivity and delicate nature. We constantly update our knowledge and equipment to cater for the needs of the ever changing fashion world.

We cover Essex, East London & the City and we can deliver to anywhere in the UK.