Moths Free

Five Steps For A Moth Free Wardrobe

Clothes moths like to breed in dark, dusty, undisturbed corners. Therefore the first step in eliminating a moth infestation is to remove everything from your wardrobe and drawers. Wash what can be washed and dry-clean everything else (including bedding, drapes and curtains). Vacuum your drawers, carpets, floors, wardrobe and all surrounding areas thoroughly. Then wash inside the wardrobe and drawers with soap and water. This will help kill off any larvae that may still be present.
Moths love food proteins in wool and especially love food, skin and hair particles we leave behind. Do not put dirty or even once worn clothes back in the wardrobe. This is what moths feed on. TIP- They don’t like the taste of dry cleaning fluid so if you are storing out of season clothes, dry clean them first.
Put clothes back into the wardrobe clean! Store out of season garments in our lovely breathable garment bags. Avoid storing in plastics as the fabrics need to be able to breathe to prevent mould. For folded items use a storage box lined in Acid Free Tissue paper. Don’t store your clothes in an over heated or damp attic, cellar or storage unit. Put your storage box in a spare room, on top of a cupboard or better still in a cupboard with a firmly shut door. TIP- cashmere, wool and silk are not only delicate fabrics, but are a moths favourite. Keep them stored either in our beautiful Knitwear or T-Shirt Storage Bag or Cashmere Storage Bag for complete peace of mind.
Once you have cleaned both your clothes and wardrobes, you must be vigilant in order to cure moth infestation. The most effective way to do this is by combining our Moth Box with a selection of our Anti-moth Products and Natural Moth Repellents; the Moth Box catches the males, and the repellents deter the females. We sell Anti-moth Products which are varied, easy to use, and smell wonderful. . .
Monitor your clothes and look out for holes caused by clothes moths. Every season have a mini clean out and replace your moth repellent products. This will help keep your wardrobe fresh, clean and moth free all year round.