Why Dry Cleaning your Wedding Dress is Essential

Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Service

If we had to pick one dress that we could hold on to for the rest of our lives, most of us would choose our wedding dress. The time, effort, and thought that goes into the designing of the dress surely justifies this choice.

However, after we have finally worn the dress on our big day, we nearly forget about it as, after all, we don’t get to wear our wedding dress every day. Eventually, the dress ends up somewhere behind in the attic or stays hanging in the wardrobe.

But if the wedding dress is kept without any care, there is a good chance that it won’t stay in the same condition for a long time. If you want to keep your wedding dress as good as new, such that you can even show it to your grandchildren, then dry cleaning is the best preservation solution.

Dry Cleaning your wedding dress helps you maintain its charm and glory and saves it from:

• Fading of the fabric
• Permanent crease marks
• Dark oxidation spots
• Growth of mould
• Torn up stitches

Here is why the dry cleaning of your wedding dress by professional dry cleaners like Efendi can help in preservation:

Removes permanent stains

Amidst the wedding chaos, the dress usually gets stained by small spots like sweat that are barely visible at that time. However, as these stains sink in, they leave permanent dark spots on your dress. It is best to get your wedding dress dry cleaned as soon as possible, to remove the stubborn stains.

Maintains the delicacy of the dress

Wedding dresses are designed with delicate fabric and embellishments. So, you can’t use regular washing practices like simply tossing your wedding dress in the dryer. Instead, it is best to get the dress professionally dry cleaned, for they have the knowledge, and your mind will be at peace as there will be no risk of your dress being ruined.

Keeps your dress safe by avoiding fabric stretching

When the dress is kept hanging in the wardrobe for too long, the stitches weaken, and the fibres of the dress’s fabric start to stretch. A well-reputed dry cleaner company always returns your dress in a sturdy box, specially designed for such dresses that require care. The box protects the dress against moisture, humidity and exposure to sunlight.

Helps in avoiding fading/discoloration

No one would love the sight of seeing their wedding dress’s colour faded to the extent that it’s hard to identify the real colour of it. Discolouration is a common problem, especially in wedding dresses with bright colours like white, ivory, or deep colours like red or purple.

Dry Cleaners apply a particular solution to the dress that not only removes stains but also locks in the colour of your dress, so it’ll still be crisp white even after years to come.

If you want to get your precious wedding dress dry cleaned by a trusted company, then Efendi Dry Cleaners is here to provide you with efficient services, all delivered to your doorstep too! With us, you can be assured that your wedding dress is in safe hands and will return in its best condition. Find out more about our dry-cleaning services at Efendi Dry Cleaners.